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"水王 WaterMaster"


Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger for Clean, Safe and Well-Functioning Waters.





wm 08水王河道

兩棲作業的“水王” 可自行上板車、下車入水,挖六米深污泥,噴泥上岸,打樁護岸,污泥不再侵入河床”。 

        實際案例:越南寧平縣有一古老山脈河谷   淤積百年的河道,採用水王拓寬挖深疏濬了河道,活化了古山古脈和遠古洞穴的          古河床,由於風景秀麗,加上古山古脈古河床,竟吸引了好萊塢到越南拍金剛:骷髏島的電影,每年吸引了成千上萬的遊客。

     The Amphibious Multipurpose WaterMaster Dredger is designed for Clean, Safe and Well-Functioning Water Bodies for the World.

      It is the only Amphibious machinery of its kind for shallow water works, performing suction dredging, excavating, raking, pile-driving tasks...  cost effectively, for Clean, Safe and Well-Functioning Water Bodies for the World.

         Over a hundred countries have already discovered this small versatile machine to widen, deepen, clean, and protect shadow and polluted  rivers, creeks, swamps, ponds and lakes to become alive and well-functioning water bodies.

   Example: an ancient mountain river creek in Vietnam has been revitalized with help from a WaterMaster dredgers and became the King Kong movie site, attracting millions of international tourists to Vietnam ever since.



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