High Performance Small Aircraft Engines: RX-50, 50hp, 25kgs. (重量輕,馬力大:轉子引擎)

RX50 is a Single Stage Wankel Rotary type engine producing up to 52 Hp at 10,000 RPM, vibration free, weight approx. 25kgs, made in Germany. engine rotary 20kg

If you want a small light weight engine running like a turbine without vibration, yet producing high power, the RX50 rotary engine is for you. See the smooth running power curve of the RX rotary engine as compared with sharp power cycles of a two-cylinder piston engine below: 

Power Curve/Peak Line: RX50 Single Cylinder Rotary Engine (Smooth) vs. Two Cylinder Piston Engine (Sharp)

engine rotary 1933

engine rotary 1918

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