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   共  軸  直  升  機  飛  行  學  會  

  CoaxCopter Flight Training Center  

The Future of Coaxial Helicopter Flight Training is here.


 模擬教學直升機 “起飛不離地”,“滯空學飛”,學會 “垂直起降” 飛行技巧! 


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Why CoaxCopter? 

Since 2003 when the first Coaxial Drive System (CDS) was exhibited in the UK, coaxial helicopters seem to have become the norm of helicopter development.  While Airbus, Bell, as well as Boeing, have been busy building their heavy military and commercial coaxial helicopters of the future, Yoshine has been providing opportunities for people interested in learning to fly the lighter version of coaxial helicopters that we call the CoaxCopterTM.

s97 airbus hx280

coaxcopter flight training

Introducing the 1st and only ultralight coaxial helicopter...with a German certificate.

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  CoaxCopter Flight Training Academy 


 CoaxCopter Flight Training Academy 

Where SAFE & PRECISE coaxial helicopter flight training is provided.


 共 軸 直 升 機 飛 行 學 院 

Coaxtrainer CoaxTrainer 7684 Coax2 sim

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coax engine


SEATS:  2    /   Empty weight: 283 kg   /   MTOW: 450 kg

SPEED:  Cruise 150 kmh  /  Max Speed 170 kmh

Rotor Blades:  4 /  Rotor Diameter: 6.5m

 Worldwide COAXCOPTER Opportunities 

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